Intentional Leadership Academy

Eleven week academy where Ryan Bennett equips your next-level leaders on how to be high performing leaders in your organization

High-intensity, relationship-driven course that combines start-up speeds with tried and true formulas for success.

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The Intentional Leadership Academy

Using the Intentional Growth Model framework and The Intentional Day book, the academy combines the following knowledge and disciplines to develop next-level leaders.



Knowledge modules teach new leadership principles from a range of experts to help each participant gain self-awareness and 'ah-ha' moments through personal assessments, 1-on-1 coaching, and curated leadership books.

  • Professional Assessments & 1-on-1 Coaching

Each participant will have professional assessments & individual 1-on-1 Coaching to help them understand themselves better. 

  • Emotional and Social Intelligence

Each participant will receive professional development around emotional and social intelligence to increase their awareness and leadership abilities.

  • Core Values and Goal Setting

Each participant will gain personal leadership skills such as identifying and operating out of each person’s unique core values to setting and achieving goals by creating a path from dreaming to achieving.

  • Curated Leadership Books

Each participant will read curated leadership books that will help the participant gain additional awareness and teach leadership tactics to develop their own leadership style and voice.

- PLUS -



Growth sessions (discipline) are the guided approach, based upon neuroscience, that bridges the new knowledge and awareness gained from the knowledge modules into intentional habits and personal and professional growth.

  • The Intentional Day Book

Each participant will receive The Intentional Day, which is the proven guide for intentional growth.

  • Weekly Deep Dives

Each participant will participate in weekly, deep-dive mastermind discussions giving them an opportunity to learn and bond with one another in a natural, motivating, and empowering way.

  • Individual Growth Partners

Each participant will have individual growth partners to share their insights, wins, and learning with as they start to form new daily disciplines utilizing The Intentional Day.




At the completion of the academy, each student will not only see tangible results in just the eleven weeks, but will walk away feeling empowered with a path forward to continue the momentum to become a next-level leader.

  • Defined Leadership Voice and Style

Each participant will complete the academy with a better understanding of who they are, how they operate and have developed their own unique leadership style and voice.

  • Established New Disciplines and Goals

Each participant will have established yearly goals and will be working daily on the disciplines that will lead them to achieve those goals.

  • Momentum Established Leading to Growth

Each participant will have new habits and disciplines created with a deep understanding of The Intentional Growth Model which can be utilized for the rest of their lives.

Great People Make Great Leaders

This isn’t about change management, leadership workshops, or just developing your employees; Intentional Leadership Academy focuses on developing great people because great people make great leaders. Like great athletes, great leaders must cultivate an intentional lifestyle of focus and discipline both on and off the “field.”

The Intentional Leadership Academy helps next-level leaders identify areas for growth and implement discipline that will benefit them in all areas of life.Intentional Leadership Academy is a high-intensity, relationship-driven course that combines start-up speeds with tried and true formulas for success. This program kickstarts a sustainable style of individual momentum that will transform the culture of your organization and take your company to the next level.

The Intentional Growth Model

Mainstream culture touts the importance of education. It reveres Ivy League credentials and off the chart SAT scores. Grades, diplomas, and job offers are presumed indicators of growth and success. And yet, for myself and those I was speaking with — for all our Master’s degrees and partner-track careers — all that education had not led us to meaningful growth in our adult lives. We’d spent decades accumulating knowledge to pass tests, write papers and land jobs; but those outcomes were finite. Why did all that knowledge still leave us feeling stagnant?

What I came to understand is that knowledge contained in a vacuum is powerless, and knowledge by itself is not a direct corollary to growth. Knowledge gains its power when paired with purposeful action (discipline), and it’s the pairing of knowledge with discipline that ultimately leads to growth. To look at it on paper, it’s a simple formula: Knowledge + Discipline = Growth. But it’s a little like chemistry, where combining two basic elements can lead to a potent and powerful result.


This formula is what I call the Intentional Growth Model:

Knowledge + Discipline = Growth™


Academy Graduates

"The Intentional Leadership Academy is awesome! I recommend it to teams that want to improve their communication and leadership.”

Bekzod Babamuradov

Director of Engineering

"I thought this training was valuable both professionally and personally for me. It gave the leadership team an opportunity to bond and learn from one another in a way that was natural and motivating. Our company is better due to taking this course. I am better from taking this course. Any team, any individual, any department, any industry will walk away feeling empowered after The Intentional Leadership Academy. Grateful to have been a part of the experience."

Brittany English

Customer Success and Support Manager

"The Intentional Leadership Academy helped me really progress and utilize my time more effectively! This strategy combined with Ryan’s passion and expertise was an extremely beneficial addition to my daily life."

Apurva Kasam

Product Manager

Equip Your Leaders to Reach the Next Level


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