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Ryan Bennett

I’m an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and former Academic All-American.

This all started for me after a failed business where I had the realization that the same growth mindset and disciplines I applied with success on the baseball field, I needed to apply these same principles to my work and my life. From that realization, the seed for The Intentional Day was created.

My passion is equipping people to live a more intentional life with the mindset of an athlete but with the heart of a mentor so people can reach the life they desire

The Intentional Day Equips You Through

Hardcover Book

The Intentional Day

This book is specifically designed for people who desire to live a more well-rounded and intentional life but need a proven process to follow. This quarterly goals and habits journal that guides you to be more intentional with your life, business, or team.

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Digital Course

The 4 Stages of Intentional Growth

It has been proven that each year only 8% of people achieve their goals. Get equipped with the skills and knowledge to become the 8% that achieves their goals by learning the proven 4 step method for intentional growth and how it applies to your life today.

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Membership Community

The 8% Club

We can always do more together. As an athlete and business owner, I deeply appreciate the importance of a team. Join the 8% club for encouragement, support, and celebration from a team of people just like you who are building their intentional life.

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Ryan  Bennett  has  a  unique ability  to  both  encourage and  provide  practical steps  for  growth

Blake Bratcher, Executive Vice President

What Are They Saying?

"I started this journey in hopes to become a better owner. But with Ryan Bennett’s holistic approach and his belief that personal growth impacts professional growth, not only have I seen a greater level of effectiveness in the workplace (ie sales, staff retention, etc) but also a growth personally seen in my emotional and mental health. This process has been nothing short of a “game changer” and I plan to implement this process as a core practice in my business, starting with the leadership. Highly recommend."

KeeYoung Kim

Owner, Sura Eats

"I am thriving in my career, but I felt really one-dimensional in the other areas of my life. I kept mentioning to people that I realized how fast a year can go by and I don’t want to wake up in 5 years and be like ‘Wow’ how did I get myself here? So I started to use The Intentional Day. The Intentional Day steps in to be a guide to ensure that doesn’t happen. It allows me to intentionally live as I please and ensures that I won’t wake up one day in a life I don’t want because I’ve made decisions to get here"

Kelsey Fagan

Product Design Lead

"The most effective tools are often the simple ones. The practical daily disciples reinforced in The Intentional Day make this new tool an instant classic. It’s an immediate must-have for those seeking to simultaneously improve the diversity and focus of their life goals. As a husband, father, community volunteer, and C-Level executive, my life is better because of this effective, simple tool."

Doug Day

Chief Marketing Officer

Go beyond just setting goals and learn how to truly change your life.

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